AI Website Reader (AI text to speech for web, ePub, PDF files)

Are you lazy to read a newspaper, a book by your eyes?  From now, AI Website Reader app will help you stop doing that and change to hear only instead to relax your eyes. AI Website Reader is not only a website text to speech (TTS) reader app, but also an ePub TTS reader, PDF TTS reader and text file TTS reader that used Google text to speech engine. The most impressive feature of this app is voice control. You can say: "Open" to open the link why the app is reading the webpage, or "Pause" to stop reading.... and a lot more voice commands. We don't want you to touch! just relax and hear the app reads the website, ePub, PDF, text files.... and sometimes say the command :) Features: - Use Google Text to Speech (TTS) engine to read the website, ePub, PDF, text files and documents... - Smart language detection: app can detect the language of the document correctly by using our AI engine and read it without any human action! - A lot tones to select for reading. - Ea

Privacy Policy

DATA SAFETY DEVICE ID and Country code : will be recorded on our server to track ads click. We don't publish this information to any third party, just only us for tracking. No email or address are tracked. Crash log:   crash and error log is recorded to Firebase for our internal analytics. We don't publish this information to any third party. PERMISSIONS RECORD_AUDIO : This permission is an optional to maximize experience with the app. There are some simple voice control/command that you can use to ask the app to open web link, pause,  back to previous page e.g.... while reading the website.  You can also able to train it to use your own words. That's all. It won't be used for any other purpose. We do not collect or store the voice/sound on your phone and our end.